Riddle of the Steel Contest

In anticipation of his upcoming visit to Montreal Canada in June 2017, Fusataro wanted to propose a small challenge to all the knife, sword and blacksmiths everywhere in the world.

Fusataro’s extensive travel throughout the years has generated an extensive network of people, with whom he has exchanged knowledge and experiences.  Still today, exist very talented makers outside of the Japanese traditions.  Knowing and respecting their ability, Iron Den Forge would like to showcase their ability through a small challenge.

Through our Facebook Page, we have created an event where we will ask you to post your successful attempt at lighting a match with cold steel, as demonstrated in the videos below.  We will run this contest until Fusataro’s arrival in Montreal, at which point we will award the successful recording with the prize, a small ingot of high grade Tamahagane.

Fusataro creating fire in a ceremonial start to an important Project:

The secret is, there is no secret.

Contest Parameters

  • You must start from a cold bar of steel (you choose the material).
  • You must heat the material through striking to a temperature hot enough to light a match through heat exchange, without using friction to ignite the match.
  • You must successfully light your forge with the fire you’ve created; gas, charcoal or coal it doesn’t matter.
  • You must perform the above steps completely unassisted from either person or anything beyond your forging hammer , anvil and the bar you’re hitting.
  • Do not attempt this exercise with a power hammer, it won’t work, it defeats the purpose and isn’t a safe use of your time.
  • Please where safety equipment, specifically eye protection.  Even though you’re not seeing the master himself wear any, do as we ask; not as we do.
  • Post a recording of your successful creation of fire to the discussion section of our Facebook Event Page for this contest.
    • The video needs to recently made and newly posted to qualify.
  • If you don’t use facebook, email us a link through our contact form on the website and we’ll put it up for you.
  • The recording with the most ‘likes’ by the time Fusataro arrives in Montreal Canada for his Classes will be the close date for the contest, June 26th, 2017.
  • We will then contact and mail the ingot to the winner, regardless of their residence on the planet.
  • Straying from the above will disqualify your entry, no matter how many likes you’re able to get.
  • Don’t try gaming the contest, you can be entertaining in your submission; but this is primarily a demonstration of skill.
  • NEW BONUS: Everyone who participates by posting their successful attempt will be rewarded, but there will still be only one person who wins the Tamahagane.

Enter the Contest