Official Assistant Teachers to Fusataro

Because we want to maximize the educational opportunity for students attending our two upcoming classes with Fusataro starting June 2017, at Les Forges de Montreal, we have recruited two masters in their own right to assist with instruction, tool usage and material understanding.


Mathieu Collette – Les Forges de Montreal

For our 10 Day Tamahagane Sword Forging Class, Fusataro will be assisted by Master Blacksmith Mathieu Collette, founder of Les Forges de Montreal; a not for profit blacksmithing centre of excellence.  Mathieu speaks both French & English, apprenticed/graduated from a long line of blacksmiths in France and is an excellent teacher in his own right.  He has deep knowledge and experience when it comes to all things blacksmithing and has established one the premier blacksmithing facilities in North America.

Mathieu Collette

Dave Fortin – Couteaux Deva

For our 4 day Shirogami Knife Forging Class we have Dave Fortin, of Couteaux Deva, to help Fusataro perform and explain the work involved with forging knives and guide the heat treatment for with students.  Dave speaks both English and French.

Dave is a very accomplished and longtime knife maker focusing on performance culinary blades.  His work is highly regarded both in Canada and abroad.  His knives are regularly made to order and he is still motivated by the challenge of creating works that both stun and mystify his collectors.