The Iron Den Network

Iron Den Forge will be collaborating with Les Forges de Montreal and THAK Ironworks to deliver a variety of high caliber metal art events and products.

Our inaugural event for 2017 will happen June 26th – July 6th in Montreal at Les Forges de Montreal.

We will feature the final return of Fusataro to North America to teach an advanced curriculum in his art, Japanese sword smithing.

This final class in our series of classes is based on feedback and observing how well we could maintain quality work from students.  Remember that these details are secure enough to announce, but there could be slight changes by the time we put out the offer next week.  We just wanted to release information early to give interested people as much time as possible.  Here are the details we can share so far:

  • Our Advanced Japanese sword smithing classes will actually be 3 back-to-back classes that occur over the course of 10-11 days.  Students can either take all or parts of the program, although people will extract more from the work if they start from the beginning.
  • The classes will be in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  If you’ve never been, it’s really an incredible city.  We will work to compile some options for housing, but it’s hard to beat airbnb.  If you’ve been waiting for us to announce this initiative, feel free to use the address below to begin your research on Montreal and where you’ll be.


June 26th – July 6th in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
227 Riverside
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H3C 2H9

  • We will have room for a maximum of 8 students this time.
  • Students will have the optional opportunity to buy a student tool kit made by Fusataro, which will include a 1.5lb Japanese sword smithing hammer. 3 specialized tongs, clay application tools and nakago signature tools.
  • Students are required to have at least taken a basic blacksmithing class.  Basic Blacksmithing classes are available at both THAK Ironworks and Les Forge de Montreal. We will accept just about any level of experience demonstrated, but just know this is a very demanding class and isn’t the best option for a first time forging experience.
  • Sample Class curriculum & schedule (85% confirmed)
    Class #1 (3-4 Day Class)
    – Making Tamahagane Billet
    From raw steel, students make and fold the steel at least 15 times.  In our previous class, students would really struggle to get 8 folds.  

    Class #2 ( 4 Day Class)
    – Taking the Tamahagane billet to heat treated blade
    We always rushed this with people in the old class, but it is crucial for students to work the steel into the shape, normalize, harden and temper to have the best chance at success.

    Class #3 (3 Day Class)
    – Finishing the blade.
    This is the part we never had time to do properly and would only demonstrate some of the steps on the last day.  This work involves putting in the final shape after heat treatment, adding the file marks to the tang (handle) and signing the blade as traditional Japanese smiths do.  

We’ll be announcing the final/confirmed detail this coming week, w/o Feb.13th, 2017.  We will announce on all channels, but if you simply know you will be taking this class and simply want to reserve your spot send us an email indicating your interest and contact information (including phone number).  You can submit this email on our ‘Contact Us’ page.