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End Begins Anew


Good stories are told in multiple chapters. My name is Allen and I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time and money studying various forms of metal work, mostly related to blade making.   In my many years as the eternal student, I developed a deep and very meaningful relationship with a Japanese sword smith.  I was […]

Official Assistant Teachers to Fusataro

Sword Smith

Because we want to maximize the educational opportunity for students attending our two upcoming classes with Fusataro starting June 2017, at Les Forges de Montreal, we have recruited two masters in their own right to assist with instruction, tool usage and material understanding.   Mathieu Collette – Les Forges de Montreal For our 10 Day Tamahagane Sword […]

Riddle of the Steel Contest

Tamahagane Sample

In anticipation of his upcoming visit to Montreal Canada in June 2017, Fusataro wanted to propose a small challenge to all the knife, sword and blacksmiths everywhere in the world. Fusataro’s extensive travel throughout the years has generated an extensive network of people, with whom he has exchanged knowledge and experiences.  Still today, exist very talented […]

The Iron Den Network

Japanese sword smithing class

Iron Den Forge will be collaborating with Les Forges de Montreal and THAK Ironworks to deliver a variety of high caliber metal art events and products. Our inaugural event for 2017 will happen June 26th – July 6th in Montreal at Les Forges de Montreal. We will feature the final return of Fusataro to North America […]