About Us

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What we do

We create and sell a variety of high performance blades that are not only fully functional, but also are also some of the most aesthetically pleasing knives and swords made today. Our range of product and opportunities to commission connectyou directly with today’s master makers.

Iron Den Forge creates specialized blades from a wide range of bladesmithing traditions.

We also create educational opportunities with recognized masters from around the world for people who wish to elevate their own work through hands-on experience.

We continually update our specialized products, educational opportunities and events; so connect with us in your preferred method to take advantageof what we create and share with our audience.

Our goal is to first provide an unobstructed view to the key differences that make great knives & swords what they are.  We will do so by featuring artists of today’s blade making landscape globally.  We only represent makers that are living masters. This important distinction is purposeful and the main service we offer is intended to only benefit active artists and intended for customers who want to interact directly with the maker of their blade.